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Richard F. Lyon
Research Scientist, Google Inc.; Inventor of the Optical Mouse

Richard F. Lyon, research scientist at Google, is known for his work on auditory models for the visualization and recognition of complex sounds, and for analog and digital VLSI implementations of these models, at the research labs of Xerox, Schlumberger, and Apple. After a decade away from this field to develop digital cameras and image sensors at Foveon, he now leads Google's research in machine hearing, and also led the team that developed cameras for Google's Street View project. He is presently writing a book on machine hearing, and teaching "Human and Machine Hearing" at Stanford this fall. His research interests include hearing, electronic photography, and biomimetic computing. Lyon received a BS in Engineering and Applied Science from Caltech in 1974 and an MSEE from Stanford University in 1975. In 2003 he was elected Fellow of the IEEE "for contributions to VLSI signal processing, models of hearing, handwriting recognition, and electronic color photography." Lyon was on Caltech's Computer Science and CNS faculty as a visiting associate from 1984 through 1997.

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